Stuck in a Career Rut? 5 Actions You Can Take NOW To Get Your Career Moving

You got to the conclusion that the job you are doing is not working for you. What now? First of all be grateful that you have a very clear idea of what you don’t want to do! Now it’s time to focus on what you really want. The path is open for you to reinvent yourself. What an opportunity! But how do you get out of the rut? What can you do to change the way you feel? Start taking actions! Owning the change will make you feel better.

There are five simple actions that anyone and I really mean anyone can do to begin the process of getting unstuck, and no, it’s not just suck it up!

1. Invest in yourself

Take time to notice what makes you smile and when you are serene. These are things that will help shape your future. Sit down and really examine what makes you spark with joy. Write your list and see where you can be in an environment to maximise and rip that spark. Do some research and talk to people who have gone through the same process or that are doing exactly what in your mind is shaping out to be your future life. Take some courses or do an apprenticeship.

2. Have faith in your abilities

When life does not look so bright it may be difficult to see where we are going. The focus may come back onto “how did I get here?’ over and over again. Let go. Acknowledge where you have arrived and move on. At the end of the day you have the ability to work through tasks, to plan, to learn and to build whatever it is that interest you. Put it out there and soon you will be surrounded with people that will want you to succeed.

3. Know how to sell!

Whether you like it or not, whether you are an introvert or not, we all need to learn how to sell. We do it so naturally when it comes to things that we love, being it health or art or a book. Use the same principles to sell your capacities and abilities to transfer your skills into an area that may be unknown to you. There are so many free courses out there to help you with some of the basic skills. It’s never a waste of time to learn how to sell and you’ll always be able to pick up some great tips.

4. Use your skills wisely

Be honest to yourself but also to other people and use your skills ethically. You want to use your passion and your renewed sense of meaning in life to inspire others, to bring joy and to improve people’s lives. Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that you need to go into charity work in order for your job to have a meaning. Simply you need to make sure that you are bringing value to the people that you are working with.

5. Persevere to achieve your dream

Go full steam and give it 100%. It may take time to get there but the important thing is not to give up. The problem that many people face is that they get out of the race too soon and too early to reap any benefits. Don’t make that mistake follow your dreams and start today.

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