Lifelong learning is essential for everyone in today’s workforce

In the US almost half of existing jobs susceptible to automation, there is pressure on both companies and individuals to develop new abilities and competencies. For many accessing really effective learning and development programs is tough: over one third of workers in the US are freelancers and nearly two-thirds of the world’s employees work for SMEs. Worse, new online training platforms are failing: up to 60% of users fail to complete online learning programs, and less than 20% of the content is retained by learners.

Opporta has the solution

Opporta helps you develop the competence you need to have, not just the knowledge. With Opporta there is no generic learning. Instead, we tailor learning experiences to fit exactly with what each learner needs right now. As you develop, Opporta adapts to your needs. Our unique gamified content makes learning engaging and quick. Opporta gets people learning what they need to learn, how they like to learn..

Opporta is a universal learning and development platform


Individuals get the opportunity to prove their personal competence, plan their careers, develop their skills and share their experience with others


Companies get the opportunity to rate the skills of potential recruits and to benchmark their existing staff

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions and specialist training companies get the ability to rank and develop their products.

Our user tests has shown high levels of
engagement and effectiveness

- 98% of users understood the components of a skill;
- The number of users stating they were competent to apply a skill in real life increased by 238%;
- 60% of users believed the experience was better than traditional learning;
- 68% of users felt Opporta had provided measurement of competence to a reasonable level of accuracy.

I really enjoyed the app and didn’t want to stop once I completed the tasks.”
“I really liked the concept of learning while having fun.”
“I would love to use this as a tool to help teach associates key leadership and management techniques

Is developing your team critical to your success?

Do you need to know your teams will think and act differently? Are you struggling to make online solutions work for you? Please get in touch and let's discuss how Opporta can help.